Bike around Skrøytnes - allong the border to Russia

Date: Saturday 20 jul 2019 - Monday 30 Sep 2019

Join us for a tour along the Pasvik river, divideing Norway and Russia. We will visit an point of view - "96-høyda" and old military watch tower, a bird tower and a local cheese maker.

BIRK takes up to 3 guests out on this tour along the Pasvik river - the Norwegian-Russian border.

The tour is around 20 kilometers.
The road is mainly flat except when we climb up to the old military tower at "96-høyden". At this point is an old military tower placed - used for having a good view into the Russian town of Nikel and one of the military stations on the other side of the river.
If the tower is open you will be able to buy a ticket and climb up in the tower to have a view from the top.

We will in addition stop at a bird tower to have a look if we will se a few birds along the river and we will stop at one of the farmers in the valley. Most of the farmers here do have cows for milk production.
We will stop at Øverli gård and if the farmer is around you will be able to taste and buy some locally made cheese to take with you home.

If the season is right we will stop along the wetland and see if we can pick som cloud-berries - arctic berries filled with vitamin C.

Your guide will bring som coffee, tea and water for you to enjoy during the tour.

Duration: around 4 hours

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